CD Leverage Program
Neofuse Financial Business Services

Innovative project financing for today's global leaders

• 100% LTV Worldwide Project Financing
• Funding from $2 Million USD to $1 Billion USD
• Funding in 45 to 60 banking days
• Financing approvals within 24-48 hours
• Interest Rates between 6.5% - 8.25% 30 year fix.
• Interest Only Payments
• No Pre Payment Penalty
• No minimum credit requirements
• Borrower must provide a solid business plan and exit strategy
• 10% Liquid funds into the deal is required (10 to 1 financing: 1 million =10 million LOC)
• Transaction facilitated by experienced structured financing attorney

Acceptable Funding Scenarios

Construction Financing
Shopping Centers
Office Blocks
Medical Centers
Construction & Development
Educational Buildings
Power Plants
International Ports
Project Financing
Toll Roads
Resort Developments
Film Funding
Industrial Business Centers
Commercial Buildings
Retirement & Nursing Homes
Energy Projects
Chemical Plants
Finance Mergers & Acquisitions
Office Complexes

Beachfront Developments
City-Walk Developments
Industrial Business Centers
Low Cost Housing Development
Acquisition Financing
Ship Financing
Aircraft Financing
Industrial Projects
Government Buildings
Communication Infrastructure
Venture Capital
Resort Centers
Theme Parks
Golf Courses  
Infrastructure Development 
Venture Capital
Debt Loans
Medical & Environmental Facilities

Structured Financing

Structured Financing Firms exist due to innovations in structured finance. We are able to finance projects domestically and internationally by securing high quality collateral enhancement devices for our clients and then hypothecating the instrument, or monetizing it to fund your project.

The financial instruments described herein may include Cash Backed CD's (Certificate of Deposits), SBLCs (Standby Letter of Credits), and BGs (Bank Guarantees) all issued from the top 25 banks of the world as described by the Banker's Almanac. The secured Line of Credit that is used in our program can be created by most financial institutions that will accept a fully lien able, callable, assignable, transferable, encumberable financial instrument as collateral. Quite honestly, the sources for loans on the applicable financial instruments are many.

We utilize the value in these leased financial instruments to trigger our credit facilities to monetize these instruments and create the funds via debt or equity to be placed into projects in all areas of business. Our lender uses financial instruments that are available for acquisition from sources that are industry leaders and then fund the project using various Banks who use the Instrument as the primary source of collateral.

Our lender has an absolute and perfect knowledge of these financial instruments and uses pre-existing banking relationships to facilitate the funding on these instruments with absolutely no risk to the client.

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Client, has a project requiring 10,000,000 USD.
Client has 1,000,000 USD available in capital in his corporate bank account.

Lending Program Steps

1. Application Completed -
The Submission Form is a simple 3-4 page form, dealing mainly with contact information and the details about your project. In addition you will need to provide your Executive Summary and Business Plan, Development Analysis, Performa, Resume's of all principals, evidence of funds, Marketing Plan and Exit Strategy.

2. Application Underwritten (2-3 days) –
Your complete submission package will be underwritten and an analysis will be made as to the feasibility of the project. You will be provided with a detailed Due Diligence report which outlines the questions and concerns of the lending department.

3. Conference Call (3 days) -
A conference call will be scheduled to review the due diligence report with the principals, Underwriting Staff, Attorney, and all principals on the project. Based on the findings in our conference call and a review of any additional information submitted, we will make a decision whether or not to offer financing to the project.

4. Intent to Fund Memorandum sent out (1-2 days) -
Applicants are approved based upon the strength of the project and the strength of the principals. Underwriting will carefully select its borrowers based on the experience of the principals, their financial strength, and their vision. It is also necessary for the principals to facilitate the equity contribution that will allow us to transact the funding of this project. This contribution will be made available for the lender to leverage a financial instrument and create the funds needed to finance your project. The lender is concerned with credit, financials, future values, income verification, and background checks however, conventional underwriting guidelines do not apply and all projects which contribute to the technological advancement of our civilization will be considered.

*The lender does not finance casinos, advertising projects, horror films, or oil and natural gas projects. We do place a priority on funding humanitarian projects, or projects that have to do will renewable energy or developments which are LEEDS certified.

5. Approval Executed and Wire is made to Escrow Attorney (3 days) -
Client will be allowed 3 days to review the terms of the Intent to Fund Memorandum, execute, and return it back to the lending department with the equity contribution. The Intent to Fund Memorandum will outline the process and describe the responsibilities that each party is held to. It also contracts the scope of the transaction as well as the end terms for the project. The Intent to Fund Memorandum also identifies and specifies the information that will be drawn up in the note.

All broker fees are out of the proceeds of the loan amount. The agreed upon amount of capital contribution that was placed with the lender and is fully refundable at the close of the transaction (initial 1M). Any costs that may be needed for legal preparation, document drafting, or facilitator service charges are covered in the lenders origination fee. These costs or fees are taken as a net of the capital contributed. Meaning that if our terms stipulate that $1,000,000 is needed for us to fund $10,000,000 then any costs or fees required do not affect the total amount funded.

Terms of the note are typically as follows:
Deposit – 15% of requested loan amount is needed if loan amount is under 10M. 10% if loan amount is over 10M
Pre-paid Interest – 12 Mo. Interest at 7.5% Paid Up front. No payments due for first year
Amortization – 30 Year fixed 6.00% - 7.75%; Interest Only Payments; 10 Year Balloon; No Pre-payment penalty.

6. Financial Instrument Secured (21 days) -
Our costs to use an instrument varies from 10%-15% of the face amount of the financial instrument. However, we can attain significant leverage depending on the premium. Therefore we can secure an instrument for your projects without the conventional underwriting you are accustomed to. All of the underwriting is done in-house by one of our underwriters and we make the final decisions whether to fund your project before any approvals are issued.

Per the instrument provider's procedures the instrument is issued and placed on Euroclear/DTC for viewing/blocking. Some providers will use 10% others will charge 15% of the face amount of the instrument to be secured for their costs relating to issuing. Once the instrument has been issued and (normally 10 days), the instrument is placed in with our credit facility to draw a line of credit.

7. Monetization (21 days) -
Our Credit Facility monetizes the financial instrument normally at about 90-100% LTV. The funds are placed into the lenders Account and then are transferred to the closing attorney for final disbursement. Borrower will receive a refund of the equity deposit out of the over funded amount disbursed by the credit facility.

8. Funds Disbursed for your Project -
The funds are disbursed to you for your project as per the Approval and the note. All funds not disbursed to you for your project directly, but are disbursed to our lending institution to mitigate project risk and attain profitability. The Instrument is taken out in the lenders name therefore making the borrower not liable retiring the instrument upon expiration. The lending department will retire the instrument after a year and one day, however may have the option to extend the Instrument for additional premium. This means that with the funds not disbursed to your project, roughly 60% of the monetized financial instrument, our lending department is able to introduce this capital to its trade platform for investment purposes. This is how we are able to remain profitable and offer such competitive terms to commercial ventures. Usually when a project is accepted for financing, a professional-quality Business Plan/Executive Summary is required and an official Submission Form signed by a person who has been officially authorized by you're your company's Board of Directors.

A) Is your Business Plan / Executive Summary complete?  Is it at least 15 pages, preferably more? (60-100 is a good size for a full Business Plan, 15-20 is more suitable for an Executive Summary; always be thorough an complete!).

B) Did you include all financial projections, background information on your management team, cost estimates, descriptions of your product or project, time estimates for completion of construction, and any other relevant information for the Lender?

C) Did you provide official letters or documents to support your Security/Collateral? Evidence must prove that you have the Security or Collateral to guarantee the principal and the interest on the loan. If you have a standby letter/line of credit from a Top 25 bank equal to or greater than your loan request, that is the best of all; be sure to include all documentation that the guaranteeing bank will give you.

For Project Finance only  – Your Submission Form must be complete, and signed by a person with legal authority to do so.

A) Did you state the exact amount you need?

B) Did you include your business plan, Perfoma, Resume's of Principles, Marketing Plan, Exit Strategy, & Evidence of Funds, signed by the head of your company, which authorizes you to sign legally binding documents on behalf of your company?

Borrowers who understand the importance of good documentation and good collateral, will almost always obtain good financing and excellent interest rates, no matter how large the loan is, and no matter what the purpose. It is essential that the borrower "think from the Lender's point of view." If you were a Lender, you would want to be absolutely sure that you would be repaid your money, even in the extremely rare or worst case of a disaster, bankruptcy, etc. by the borrower. Give the Lender maximum confidence and assurance that he will not lose his money by lending to you. He should feel comfortable with the lending of his money.

IN PRACTICE, ONLY ORIGINAL BOUND COPIES OF BUSINESS PLANS ARE ACCEPTED(No facsimiles or email copies are usually accepted in the market place)

Selection of the lenders depends on what kind of project you may have, the amount of money you are requesting and the risk factor associated with your venture.

This program is used in the financial market place for clients who are seeking to fund a construction project (domestic or foreign) and wish to immediately obtain funding without the arduous underwriting process dictated by conventional lending institutions.

Are you interested in a source of funds that offers the following: 

  • Minimal underwriting requirements,
  • Interest rates of 2-3 points over the 6 month LIBOR during construction; 1-2 points over LIBOR  for permanent financing.
  • Funding for any feasible construction or rehab project in the world.
  • No application fees of any kind.
  • Funding amounts from $5,000,000 to $1,000,000,000.
  • Funding in as little as four weeks from receipt of documentation..
  • Funding for condominiums, income properties, residential developments, resorts, and much more!

Here are the requirements generally applicable:

A complete project book providing a full description of the proposed project. If available, also forward a current feasibility study and appraisal.

A Letter of Credit is required and may be supplied by our firm or by the client. If by the client then:

Client must produce a verifiable Standby Letter of Credit from a reputable domestic bank for 13% of the cost of construction or Financial Guarantee Bond from a A rated, or better insurer for 10% of the construction amount desired including closing fees of 7% to 8%. A bank will normally issue an "Intent to Issue" at no charge to client.

If asked to provide a Letter of Credit:

An average charge of 8% of the face amount of the Letter of Credit to arrange this instrument.

This program is very desirable for those wishing to limit the leverage on their assets and can be arranged within 10 days of initiating paperwork.

  • No "Funds First" requests will be accepted.
  • Usually no proposals from "Guaranty" companies or so-called "Credit Enhancement" entities will be entertained.
  • Developer will be required to supply Performance and Completion Bonds. Local architects may be contracted with for inspections for fund disbursements.

For consideration of a clients' request the following is required:

A) Assurance that the client can produce one of the instruments as indicated above.

The simplest means to accomplish this is with the "Intent to Issue" bank letter or enlisting services to provide the Letter of Credit.

B) Completion of Non Disclosure-Non Circumvent and Fee Agreements to be forwarded to the client upon receipt of complete project information as indicated above.

Submitting brokers must have their own fee agreements stipulating payment to them from proceeds after the close of the transaction or in some other form mutually acceptable to the broker and client.

Upon acceptable receipt of the above items a Letter of Commitment will be issued subject to a Letter of Credit, or Financial Guarantee Bond. Upon execution of the Letter of Commitment and verification/approval of the guarantee instrument, funds will generally be available within thirty days.

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